Croatia Inventiors Vucetic, penkala, hanaman, Lupis, Torpedo, Automatic Pen, Fingerprinting famous croat invetors - light-bulb, pen, torpedo, Torpedo

You probably are not even aware that inventions listed below are something you use daily thanks to these Croats:

Slavoljub Penkala

On 24 January 1906 he registered the patent for an automatic pencil. This revolutionary invention is today a part of our everyday life, then a newly way to write.
I bet the people opened their boxes of automatic pens then as we open our new iPhone case today!
Penkala made such a great impression to the writing industry that his name in Croatian dictionary mean a pencil. You know you are something when your name become a noun in official language dictionary!

Penkala Automatic pencil Croatian Invention famous croat invetors - light-bulb, pen, torpedo

Franjo Hanaman (with the help if his assistant Aleksandar Just)

On 13 December 1903 the inventors gained the patent for the world’s first applied electric light-bulb with a metal filament.Edison’s light-bulb had carbon filament while the Hanaman/Just light-bulb had metal filament which lasted longer and gave brighter light.The invention was one of many that contributed in bringing electrical light to households worldwide.

Electric light-bulb with metal filigran, Croatian Invention famous croat invetors - light-bulb, pen, torpedo

Juan Vucetich or Ivan Vucetic

This Croatian, born in Hvar (the jet set island) immigrated to Argentina in 1882 as many did at that time from than Habsburg Monarchy. Vucetic is called father of forensic science.His fingerprinting method of identification or dactyloscopy has been even since one of the main way we confirm people’s identity and solve crimes.

I believe that we can main him the original CSI.

Fingerpringing invented by Vucetic Croatian  famous croat invetors - light-bulb, pen, torpedo

Ivan Blaž Lupis

This Croatian naval officer and inventor made a prototype for a weapon that will attack ships underwater, also known as torpedo. Lupis signed a contract with a factory in Rijeka and began the mass production of the weapon that haven’t changed their look even since. Today the technical solutions of the Rijeka Torpedo are use for peaceful purposes.

Torpedo Invetion by Croatian Inventor Lupis famous croat invetors - light-bulb, pen, torpedo
©Muzej Rijeka

This short video will present to you more of the famous Croats Inventors.

Famous Croatians

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