Kayaking in Zrmanja River

Kayaking in Zrmanja River

Zrmanja is known to be one of the cleanest rivers in Croatia, situated in impressive canyon of Zadar’s Inland. The river is open for rafting and kayaking from April to October.

The adventure center is easy to reach by the local road from Zadar, about 30 to 45 minutes drive. Usually the tour is starting late morning around 10 am and lasts for about 4-5 hours.

The instructors are themselves professional athletes that compete on worldwide canoe championships. Before starting they provide with complete gear (wet-suit, helmet, life vest) and give clear instructions on how to operate your canoe. It is a family activity suitable for children in fully monitored environment. Each canoe is equipped with waterproof bag, provide a storage space for the team.

Don’t forget to bring with you:

  • water & a snack
  • camera (possible waterproof)
  • sunscreen & towel
  • swimsuit, sandals or good running shoes and a T-shirt
  • spare cloths for changing after the activity

If you are coming by your vehicle, you will park the car at the start point and another van will follow you to the end of the tour bringing you back to your car.
While kayaking you will get full action, experiencing the rapids. Be prepared for 4 hours of paddling and occasional stops for rest and a swim.

Kayaking in Zrmanja River

Our web master Maja was happy to share her kayaking experience with us!

Maja discovered kayak this summer with her 22 years younger sister and was given a true challenge in mastering the steering of the canoe. It was a great bonding experience full of fun and laughter. The activity is perfect for multi-generational families, friends and couples.

Kayaking in Zrmanja River
First rest after 30-45 min of adventure and learning how to handle the rapids.
Kayaking in Zrmanja River
After the break we passed the rapids and had to challenge 10 meter waterfall. The canoes were sent by the fall and we heroically walk down :).
Kayaking in Zrmanja River
Next stop, swim break on the river island where we grab our snack and recuperate for the rest of the adventure.
Kayaking in Zrmanja River
The next challenge, going down in a canoe over the 3m waterfall. One person stayed in the boat while the other walked down. CHALLENGE ACCOMPLISHED!
Kayaking in Zrmanja River
The end of the adventure was spent in paddling in calmer water with time to assimilate the beauty of the natural site. After arriving to the end of the route we had lunch in a local restaurants admiring the untouched nature.

The activity is perfect for friends and families, specially multi-generational groups. The river will refresh you during the hot summer days while in great company in relaxed atmosphere. And nature is just magical!

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