Inspiration Blog - Adriatic Sea? Where is it?

Adriatic Sea – Where is it?

You must have heard lately people talking about countries as Slovenia, Montenegro or Croatia. Slovenia has been mentioned a lot these days, as one of the famous first ladies is its origin. Any idea where all of these countries are? And what about that Adriatic Sea, people talking about some beautiful blue sea that has mesmerizing coast, countless islands and great beaches. I bet you want to know where it is and how to get there!!

Inspiration Blog - Adriatic Sea? Where is it?

The Adriatic Sea is a part of the bigger, Mediterranean Sea, situated all along the back of the Italy’s boot, and countries Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Bosnia & Herzegovina have a small part of the coast, although just enough to be able to get some sun tan!

The sea’s limit from the south part is the Strait of Otranto between Albania and Italy’s Salento Peninsula. Where the Adriatic Sea ends, the Ionian Sea (it’s in between left coast of Greece and end of the Italy’s boot) begins.

Inspiration Blog - Adriatic Sea? Where is it?

Having this much happening, can you imagine all you can find under the sea?

There are over 7000 species identified as native to the Adriatic, many of them being endemic. Flora and fauna are keeping the biodiversity busy and sea healthy. The biodiversity together with the great archeological findings are making the sea perfect for diving adventures. Also if you are keen in some fishing the locals might teach you how to catch the octopus with your bare hands.

If you have a swim in the sea you’ll notice that the sea is also a bit saltier than in other places. I am not talking about the Dead Sea salt but enough that you’ll be itching until you take the shower. Salinity is higher in the south part of the Adriatic than the north and as the Mediterranean it is saltier that the oceans so for those that are use to swim in the tropics or coasts of Americas it will seem very salty the sea.

Inspiration Blog - Adriatic Sea? Where is it?
So, how to get to this piece of heaven? Easy!

The major airports of the region are capitals and larger coastal cities as Rome, Venice, Ljubljana … The regional flights are flying regularly, connecting European cities with the coast. Some transcontinental flights are connecting the region’s capitals. There are direct flights from New York, Doha, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Tunis and many more.

Just hop on & discover the Adriatic!


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